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Our Vision

The name “Taste-It” is the result of the union of two words: “taste,” meaning to “savor” or “enjoy,” and “it,” representing Italy. This name embodies our mission to make you experience Italy, one bite at a time.

Our Story

A company that came to light thanks to the deep friendship between two men, Calogero and Gerlando.

Despite having unique life paths, both share a passion for quality food and Italian, or rather, Sicilian excellence.

Calogero and Gerlando met in a small Sicilian village, where they shared joys, dreams, and the beauty of life. While one dedicated himself to the engaging world of gastronomy, the other immersed himself in the art of cultivating fruits and vegetables.

These distinct paths gave life to a unique company, a fusion of flavors and traditions that took shape in “Taste-It”.


With two decades of experience in the agricultural sector, acquired the secrets of cultivation directly from his father. His deep knowledge of Sicilian lands and agricultural processes is crucial to ensuring the freshness and quality of the products we offer.


Explored the culinary world extensively, managing restaurants in various parts of the globe and collaborating with traditional chefs. His experiences refined his palate, turning him into a true expert in the research, care, and preparation of extraordinary dishes.

Why choose us

Passion and Dedication

Choosing Taste-It means embracing the passion and dedication that lies behind every product. From Calogero and Gerlando, two friends united by their deep connection with quality food, Taste-It was born to share with you the best of our land, the Sicily.

Unique Sensory Journey

Each Taste-It product is a work of culinary art, designed to take you on a journey unique sensorial. Calogero, with his global culinary experience, has shaped every taste and aroma to create an unforgettable experience with every bite.

Authentic Sicilian origins

Every bite you try with Taste-It is a direct journey to authentic Sicily. Our founders, with their roots firmly planted in the Sicilian land, carry on a centuries-old tradition of culinary and agricultural excellence.

Sicily within reach of the table

Choosing Taste-It means bringing Sicily directly to your table. We are not just a company, we are the direct link with the culinary and agricultural traditions of this wonderful land, offering you an authentic taste of Sicily.

Freshness and Quality

From cultivation to preparation, we guarantee freshness and quality without compromise. Gerlando, with its twenty years of experience in the agricultural sector, ensures that only the best products reach your table, keeping the authenticity of the flavors intact.

Lovers of True Taste

In a world where quality is essential, Taste-It is the choice for those who appreciate true taste. Join us on the journey through Sicily, one bite at a time. Choose authentic taste, choose Taste-It.

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