Taste-It Import Services: We bring Sicily to your table

Welcome to Taste-It’s Services page, where we make the culinary treasures of Sicily accessible to restaurants and food enthusiasts. Our company offers a wide range of products, imported daily from Sicily, to meet the needs of our customers.

Choose Taste-It for an Authentic Sicilian Experience

With Taste-It, you’re not just buying products; you are bringing the soul of Sicily to the table. Choose quality, choose freshness, choose authenticity. Choose Taste-It for an unprecedented culinary journey.

Our services

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Immerse yourself in Sicily's liquid gold with our high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each drop tells the story of Sicilian olive groves, ensuring a perfect base for every dish.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

From Sicilian land straight to your establishment, we offer a fresh and colorful selection of fruits and vegetables. Daily arrivals ensure consistently fresh and superior-quality products.

Exquisite Cheeses

Explore the richness of Sicilian cheeses with our selection. From pecorino to ricotta, each cheese is chosen to provide a unique and authentic taste experience.

Precious Sicilian Wines

Sicilian wines boast a long tradition and distinctive character. Our range of wines represents the best wineries on the island, offering a variety of options to satisfy every palate

Daily Arrivals

Freshness is our priority. With daily arrivals directly from Sicily, we ensure that our customers always receive freshly harvested and prepared products.

Wholesale and Retail Sales

We are here to serve a wide range of needs. From restaurants seeking high-quality ingredients for their kitchens in bulk to consumers wanting to bring home a piece of Sicily, our retail store covers all needs.

Customized Offerings

We understand that every customer has different needs. We offer personalized solutions to meet your specific requests, ensuring a tailored service for each customer.

Why choose us

Passion and Dedication

Choosing Taste-It means embracing the passion and dedication that lies behind every product. From Calogero and Gerlando, two friends united by their deep connection with quality food, Taste-It was born to share with you the best of our land, the Sicily.

Unique Sensory Journey

Each Taste-It product is a work of culinary art, designed to take you on a journey unique sensorial. Calogero, with his global culinary experience, has shaped every taste and aroma to create an unforgettable experience with every bite.

Authentic Sicilian origins

Every bite you try with Taste-It is a direct journey to authentic Sicily. Our founders, with their roots firmly planted in the Sicilian land, carry on a centuries-old tradition of culinary and agricultural excellence.

Sicily within reach of the table

Choosing Taste-It means bringing Sicily directly to your table. We are not just a company, we are the direct link with the culinary and agricultural traditions of this wonderful land, offering you an authentic taste of Sicily.

Freshness and Quality

From cultivation to preparation, we guarantee freshness and quality without compromise. Gerlando, with its twenty years of experience in the agricultural sector, ensures that only the best products reach your table, keeping the authenticity of the flavors intact.

Lovers of True Taste

In a world where quality is essential, Taste-It is the choice for those who appreciate true taste. Join us on the journey through Sicily, one bite at a time. Choose authentic taste, choose Taste-It.